5 Unique Mother's Day Gifts & Activities

When is the last time you thanked your mom for being awesome? If it were up to us, moms would get one day a week all to themselves, not just one day a year. Since moms only get one day a year, make sure that theirs is truly special. Below is a list we have compiled of 5 Unique Mother's Day Gifts & Activities to give your mom the credit she deserves. Instead of picking up a droopy bouquet from Walgreens and a Hallmark card this year, give your mom a memorable experience she can reflect on for years to come. If you need more inspiration, check out our Mother's Day Pinterest Board.

1. Fair Trade Coral Necklace, $30

This Mother's Day, buy mom a fair trade piece of jewelry from Lisa Leonard Designs. A portion of the proceeds will go towards helping Jungle Kids, an organization that enables kids in Ecuador to attend school and provides them free lunch.

2. Farmer's Market Trip, FREE

Instead of just buying your mom a wilting bouquet of flowers from Walgreens, take her to your local Farmer's Market and let her pick out her own!

3. Prepare a Week's Worth of Dinner for Mom, <$100

Give your mom some time off from her years of cooking for you and your siblings and make her a weeks worth of healthy casseroles and dinners.

4. Mom and Me Sugarfoots Dolls, $100/pair

This "Mommy and Me" Sugarfoots Doll set would make a perfect gift for a new mother. Dolls are priced separately and clothing is customizable.

5. Brewery Tour and Tasting, <$10/person

Take your mom on a tour of your local brewery (or winery--if she prefers the vino!) Many breweries offer free tours and provide a sampling of their beers in their tasting room afterwards.