A Message from Barbara


When I was little, my daddy used to call me a Sugarfoot, which is a term of endearment of the south.

Alongside our core product, the Sugarfoots dolls, we also have a children’s book series; a storytelling CD; posters and coloring books.

Having a strong background in theatre, storytelling is my passion! Annually Sugarfoots hosts a performing arts camp that is based on the Sugarfootn’ Children’s Book Series and we close each season with a must see dinner theatre performance that is open to the community!

I have always had a special love for bright, vibrant colors and when I took that trip to Ghana, I knew I had found my niche, especially when I saw the vibrancy of the Ghanaian culture first hand.

Sugarfoots dolls are designed in the celebrated shades of Cocoa, Ginger, Cinnamon and Sugarcream. The doll’s face is intentionally hand embroidered. Clothing is removable and washable as well as the doll itself. In order to keep our product unique, fabrics and colors will vary. Please refer to our FAQ for additional information.