4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

You don't want your kids to associate summer with sunburn, bug bites, and getting lost in the crowd--do you? The following four tips will ensure that you and your family have a summer full of relaxation, memories, and fun.

1. The Rays

Getting a painful sunburn just once every two years can triple the risk of skin cancer. Make sure your kids apply plenty of sunscreen at least thirty minutes prior to going outside.  Set a timer for them to reapply every hour or so (every thirty minutes if they are outside between the hours of 10a-4p.)  Here is a list of the best 9 sunscreens for kids according to Parent magazine.

2. The Water

Enroll your kids in swimming lessons as young as one. It would also be a good idea for you to enroll yourself in a CPR class and to update these skills regularly. In addition to making sure everyone has the proper training, you should also create a pool safety first aid kit and includes the following items: a pair of scissors to cut hair, clothing or a pool cover, a charged portable telephone to call 911, and a floatation device.

3. The Insects

With the warm weather also comes the inevitable swarm of pesky insects. These annoying creatures, however, shouldn't prevent you and your family from enjoying the great outdoors. Do your research before you slather your kids in insect repellent. What is safe for adults may not be safe for smaller bodies. Consider natural alternatives or even making your own homemade bug spray!

4. The Crowds

Chances are if you have kids between the ages of 5 and 10 you will probably encounter an amusement park  or two this summer. Before you arrive at the park (and before the kids get distracted from the costumed mascots, gooey funnel cakes, and towering roller coasters) establish a meeting point in case someone gets lost in your group. Try to pick a place that will be easy for kids to remember like in front of Cinderella's castle. Even if they can't get back to the point themselves, they will be able to tell someone where to meet. Another good idea--make everyone in your group wear ID bracelets with your cell number on them.