Top 5 American-Made Toys To Buy This Holiday Season

It's time to face the facts, most of the items we all use on a daily basis are probably imported. Unfortunately, convenience and cost have become our main priorities and thus our way of life. It is a rare and unique treasure to turn an item over and see that bold "Made in America" stamp. The sense of pride that follows after seeing that stamp is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Buying American Made products creates jobs here in the United States, decreases our foreign dependency, and sends a message to the rest of the world that we won't tolerate less than safe working conditions or child laborers. According to Laurie Schacht of the Toy Insider, only 10% of handmade toys are made in America and the remainder are imported. This is unacceptable!

I once heard President Bill Clinton say “Never count out America." That statement alone makes me pause and reflect on those dedicated toymakers who are paving the way for others to keep toys made in America.  No matter how innovative these toy makers are, it is up to us (the consumers) to support companies that aren't outsourcing their manufacturing needs overseas.

Below are my Top 5 American Made Toys:

1. The Radio Flyer Red Wagon

5. And my all time favorite – Sugarfoots!

Anne Lappe said, "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." What kind of world do YOU want to live in?