This Book is for All the Little Sugarfoots...

Sugarfoots Children’s Tattle-Tale Book Series

“Sugar roads and sugar toes 

Sugarfoots and all that glows

In my hand the stones will be

And my imagination will

Always be with me...”

This beginning stanza is the expected mantra that begins the journey with every Sugarfoots Children’s Tattle-Tale Book Series -- Sugarfootn'. This imagination-chant propels Babelle, the African American caretaker of all the Sugarfoots in the Sugarfoots Village, on a tour exploring folktales and different cultures around the Imagination. She takes them to far away places (or on adventures just around the corner) and returns them safely back home after discovering new knowledge of the place where they just visited.

As a child on idle summer days, my colorful imagination accompanied me while lying on the grass in my yard; gazing up at the clouds, forming castles, mountains and faces; or walking in neighboring alleys strewn with waist high grass and connecting chain-linked fences, pretending I was on a safari. Neighborhood dogs of German Shepherds, Poodles, Mutts and Beagles were my wild animals to conquer! Hearing my mother’s voice calling me in for lunch quickly brought me back to the peaceful reality of my backyard. What I didn't know then was that those summer afternoons spent in child wonder  would later inspire me to write the Sugarfootn' book series, allowing me to bring my imagination to life.

Adapting the Sugarfoots Children’s Book Series into an annual children’s theatrical performance with the Sugarfoots Performing Arts Camp brings me exquisite joy! This year we are re-staging the first book in the series, Sugarfootn’ in Ghana, Why People Have to Work?, a wonderful story on how a little Ghanaian Tuesday born girl, named Ablah, teaches Babelle and the Sugarfoots all about her West African culture. Like the other books in the Sugarfoots series, this book celebrates cultural diversity and inspires children to live freely, uninhibited with expressive imaginations while emulating the lyrics of the Sugarfoots theme song, Sugarfootn’...


When you’re Sugarfootn’ you can do so many things

You can dance, you can laugh; you can even have wings

Taking you to places that will challenge your mind

You meet so many people who are different and kind

And when we get together we all know what to do

We jiggle and we wiggle and we Sugarfoots with you...!