Rusty Sugarfoot's Moment in the Spotlight

Many of you have heard me express my own point of view about the concept and design of the Sugarfoots family but not many of you know how the Sugarfoots feel about being – well, Sugarfoots.  So that you can get to know the Sugarfoots family better, we will feature one Sugarfoots doll monthly on a one-on-one spotlight interview, Get to Steppin with Sugarfoots!

Barbara El Wilson: Rusty, my very first Sugarfoot!  Thank you for agreeing to sit in with me this morning.  I thought since you were my first original creation, it is only befitting you would be the first Sugarfoot I spoke with.

Rusty: Thanks for having me Ms. Barbara.  I am feeling a little bit nervous, no one really knows who I am.

BW: Precisely the reason I wanted to interview you first.  How does it feel being my first creation?

Rusty: (Giggling) Well I have to admit; when you first created me I was not quite sure you knew what you were doing?

BW: (Eyebrows rising) I beg your pardon?

Rusty: Oh don’t get me wrong I am excited you finished me all in one piece.  It’s just that compared to the other Sugarfoots, my stitching is a bit off centered, but other than that, I am sure I will last a lifetime; considering I am already passed the 20 year mark!

BW: (Clearing throat) Yes, yes you are Rusty, yes you are. What can you tell our readers about the early days of being a Sugarfoot?

Rusty: It was very lonely in the beginning.  I didn’t have many other Sugarfoots to talk with back then.  There were loads of beautiful fabrics on the shelf, but there just wasn’t anyone joining me on the shelves.

BW: How did things begin to change?

Rusty: I must confess while you were sleeping at night, I would gently toss creative colorful fabrics on the floor.  I knew you loved to keep a neat shop and you would begin picking up fabrics, especially if you saw them on the floor.  When you did this, I knew it would spark  your imagination to want to start creating more Sugarfoots!

BW: M-m-m-m, so that’s how those fabrics landed on the floor. You were...

Rusty: (Interrupting) I was stimulating your imagination!  Before I knew it, there were more and more Sugarfoots being created week after week.  I was happy to see them moving so quickly off the shelves into the waiting arms of so many happy customers.

BW: Rusty I do believe you are the pinnacle of muses!

Rusty: I try to be.  Being the first Sugarfoots is a huge responsibility.  I only wanted you to create at your best potential. I wanted you to make even more colorful Sugarfoots and as I can see from your headquarters you are on the right track for greatness.

BW: Thank you Rusty, but this interview is all about you, so our readers can get to know who you are and realize what you mean to me.

Rusty: (Smiling) They just did Ms. Barbara, they just did...