Meet Reggae Boy!

Many of you have heard me express my own point of view about the concept and design of the Sugarfoots family but not many of you know how the Sugarfoots feel about being – well, Sugarfoots. So that you can get to know the Sugarfoots family better, we will feature one Sugarfoots doll monthly on a one-on-one spotlight interview, Get to Steppin' with Sugarfoots!

Barbara El Wilson: Reggae Boy! Where in the world have you been? I have been looking all over for you!

Reggae Boy: Mornin’ Neighbor, Mornin! Its good ta see ya Miz Lady B. Sorry for not being round so much. But last week I was in Jamaica!

BW: Jamaica! Doing what may I ask?

RB: Well ya know, February 6th, was the late great Nesta Robert Marley’s Birthday. And so long as I born, I have never missed a celebration. I must tell ya, celebrating Bob Marley ya got ta have a good time and I did!

bob marley
bob marley

BW: (With raised eyebrows) I see your accent has become thicker since you have returned.

RB: Ya mon! So why ya lookin’ fa me?

BW: Well, as you know I have been interviewing many of the Sugarfoots asking them questions about how they like being a Sugarfoot.

RB: So wait. ‘Ere dis. Cocoa boy tell me; ya want me to help ya write a book about de Caribbean.

BW: I do. But for now I just want to ask you some question about being a Sugarfoot.

RB: No problem Miz Lady B go right ahead!

BW: Okay. So tell me Reggae Boy, why do you like being a Sugarfoot?

RB: Oh dat’s an easy one. Ya have so many sweet foots, ‘round me! Everybody is always smilin’, laffin’ and havin’ a good, good time. Me like dis! It reminds me of back home.

BW: Why that’s awesome! Creating colorful ensembles for you Sugarfoots is my absolute passion! (Excitedly) Maybe I could make something with a curry colored texture and...

RB: (Interrupting) me ‘specially like de way ya make me dress up so nice. I loved de red, gold and green, dat’s irie mon!

BW: Uh, okay; (collecting herself) but what does irie mean?

RB: Miz Lady B, gurl ya got a lot ta learn! Irie mean it’s so nice, It’s good-d-d.

BW: (Smiling) Wow, I really, really like that. It’s been so cold and snowy here in DC lately. You should have brought back some of that Caribbean sun with you!

RB: I can do some ting better dan dat. De next time I make a trip back home, I gon take ya wid me!

BW: (Giggling) now that would be irie, I likey, likey...!