Meet Cocoa Girl | Monthly Interview With a Sugarfoots Doll

Many of you have heard me express my own point of view about the concept and design of the Sugarfoots Doll family but not many of you know how Sugarfoots Dolls feels about being - well, Sugarfoots!  Though each Sugarfoot Doll has his or her own unique personality, they all have something in common - each has been hand made with the utmost love and attention. So that you can get to know the Sugarfoots family better, we will feature an interview with one Sugarfoots Doll monthly, Get to Steppin with Sugarfoots!  I hope you'll enjoy reading these interviews as much as I enjoyed conducting them :)

This Month's Sugarfoots Doll Interview is With Miss Cocoa Girl!

Cocoa Girl: (Rushing in) Barbara, Barbara please, I have to talk to you now!

Barbara El Wilson: Cocoa Girl my goodness, slow down what is the rush?

CG: Barb look, we go back all the way to the beginning.  After you created Rusty, I was the next creation to come along; so I really know how important this journey is to you.

BW: I know that Cocoa Girl, that is why I was saving you for the last interview.  I was going to speak with Ginger Girl this morning.

CG: Don’t worry about Ginger Girl.  She has a bit of a cough with all of this cold weather DC has been getting, so I am taking her place.

BW: (Flipping through her notes) Okay, so what is so urgent that you must speak to me now?

CG: I know I am the only one that calls you Barb; it is the one thing that makes us so close.

BW: Yes, go on.

CG: I just wanted to say (Pauses).  I am so proud of you!

BW: Whoa, where did all of this come from?  What makes you say this?

CG: Well for starters, you just never seem to give up, no matter what obstacles come your way.

BW: Oh really!

CG: Yes really!  Especially when you are working late at night and some Sugarfoots, who will remain nameless just do not want to put on a bright smile. You keep working with them until their smiles are just right.  That’s dedication!

BW: Well yeah, that and embroidery floss....

CG: (Interrupting) And I am so excited about Sugarfoots Performing Arts Camp.  We really missed it last year and we are looking forward to meeting all of the campers!  We can’t wait to act, sing and dance with them.

BW: I’m looking forward to it as well Cocoa Girl.  We have an amazing staff and they are equally excited to work with all of you and the children.

CG: Barb, (Beckoning her closer) I want you to be very careful about what I am going to now tell you.

BW: (Feeling anxious, leaning in) what is it Cocoa?

CG: Cinnamon Girl found out you hired a Voice Coach this year!

BW: Yes, Frances Jones, she is pitch perfect fabulous!

CG: Well, Cinnamon Girl has been singing in the shower like crazy.

"Sitting on the shelf with my dress

                        Thinking strawberry prints are the best"

Cinnamon Girl Sugarfoots Doll

CG: She wants a solo this year!

BW: My, my, my, my, my...

Well that wraps up the interview with Cocoa Girl.  Interested in hearing what the rest of the sassy Sugarfoots Doll family has been up to? Read the interviews we did with Reggae Boy, Cocoa Boy, Cinnamon Girl, and the first ever Sugarfoot Doll,  Rusy Sugarfoot.