Meet Cocoa Boy!

Many of you have heard me express my own point of view about the concept and design of the Sugarfoots family but not many of you know how the Sugarfoots feel about being – well, Sugarfoots. So that you can get to know the Sugarfoots family better, we will feature one Sugarfoots doll monthly on a one-on-one spotlight interview, Get to Steppin with Sugarfoots!

Barbara El Wilson: Cocoa Boy, I am so glad you could take the time and stop wrestling with the other Sugarfoots boys and come and chat with me for awhile!

Cocoa Boy: I am assuming you have spoken to all of the girls and now you are looking for some “Real Talk” from the more stable side of the collection – the boys!

BW: No, I have not, and you call non-stop wrestling with Ginger and Cinnamon Boy "stable"?

CB: Hey you don’t’ see us staying up all night tossing fabric off of the shelves or dreaming of our own cameo starring in our own children’s book like some ‘foots we wont’ mention...

BW: (Changing the subject) Why don’t you tell our readers why you like being a Sugarfoot.

CB: I love hanging out with the fellows, especially Reggae Boy. He has more stories inside of him than you Miz B.

BW: I didn’t realize he had literary skills, maybe we could partner on the next book, Sugarfootn’ in the Caribbean. You should ask him for me.

CB: I’m sure he would kick back in his chair and say 'no problem mon'!

Bw: (Laughing) That’s great, thank you Cocoa Boy! So you really do love being a Sugarfoots?

CB: At the end of the day I have to tell you, it’s the best place to be. You tend to create more Sugarfoots girls and with the boys being outnumbered, it can be a date night with a different Sugarfoots of our choosing on a nightly basis.

BW: (Total bewilderment) What? You Sugarfoots are dating? What do you do, where do you go and how long has this been going on??

CB: Since you created the very first Sugarfoots Boy! He was legendary and his “swag” has been passed down to all of us.

BW: (Sternly) You still haven’t answered the question on what it is that you do?

CB: (Grinning proudly) We keep it pretty simple. We watch Rusty occasionally kick a few fabrics off the shelf and we find our greatest entertainment watching Cinnamon Girl trying to outdo herself in changing clothing. It’s entertainment at its best!

BW: (Sounding like the door keeper in the Wizard of Oz) Well, why didn’t you say soooo!

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