Meet Cinnamon Sugarfoot

Many of you have heard me express my own point of view about the concept and design of the Sugarfoots family but not many of you know how the Sugarfoots feel about being – well, Sugarfoots.  So that you can get to know the Sugarfoots family better, we will feature one Sugarfoots doll monthly on a one-on-one spotlight interview, Get to Steppin' with Sugarfoots!

Cinnamon Girl: Okay, I’m ready for my close up!

Barbara El Wilson: Cinnamon Girl, you are a hot mess! So why don’t you tell our readers why you like being a Sugarfoot.

CG: Well, first, I really have a gift for fashion. I mean who else but I could rock this strawberry print with lemon pinstripes!

BW: I must admit you really do make a statement. Do you find the other Sugarfoots emulating your style?

CG: Not so much with Cocoa Girl or Ginger Girl, but the other Cinnamon girls, constantly, almost always.

 BW: You know what they say, when someone wants to copy you?

CG: (Interrupting) That they’re a copy cat?

BW: (Chuckling) No-o-o, it means when someone copies you it is the greatest form of flattery.

CG: In that case, Cinnamon Girls rock!

BW: Where do you see yourself in the next few years with Sugarfoots?

CG: Well I’m working on my own fashion line called Cinnamon Sticks.  I have a lot of colors I want to begin working with, except for red.  I just don’t think the color red shows me at my best.

BW: (Taken aback) Oh, I thought red looked great on you.

CG:(Brushing off the comment) Oh, and I definitely want to be featured in the next Sugarfootn’ Tattle-Tales Children Book Series.

BW: (Dryly) What do you think the next book should be titled?

CG: (Breaking out in a bright lemon yellow smile) Why, Cinnamon Girl of course!

BW: (Shaking her head and smiling) Of course, what was I  thinking...