Greetings Family! I am so excited! Finally at last Sugarfoots website is no longer under construction!! Let me be the first to welcome you to the new site.

When I made the decision to focus on restructuring Sugarfoots I did not realize what an undertaking this would be. It has been an exhilarant rollercoaster and with all I have planned for the remainder of the year I will need all of my time to get things accomplished and moving!

So for now, I want you to take a moment and enjoy navigating around the site, learn more about me, the company and reconnect with the Sugarfoots! We have truly missed everyone and please check out our Sweet Foot Fan Page. Sugarfoots wall of appreciation for all the wonderful support from those who have chivalrously helped so much along the way!

You have been with me on this rebuilding journey and in order to stay in touch and keep you in the loop of all the wonderful developments in store, please sign-up on our Blog list. I would simply be honored if you share it with your friends too!

Sugarfoots is on the move and I am absolutely thrilled in having you with me as Sugarfoots gets to steppin!

Warmest Always, Barbara