5 Inspirational Quotes for New Graduates

Whether you are celebrating your child's completion of high school, college or grad school, graduation is always a bittersweet occasion as a parent. Not only are you cheering for your child's accomplishments in those stands, but your heart is also aching at the thought of them beginning a new chapter in their lives; one that will most likely be full of uncertainty, self-doubt, and missteps. While you sometimes wish you could wrap your child in bubble wrap so they'll never get hurt, you ultimately know that falling down is good for them. You have raised a strong, independent being that is embarking on a lifelong journey to find happiness within themselves, no matter what path they may choose.

Resist trying to impart all the wisdom you can on your new graduate and instead try embracing them. Hold them close for a little longer than normal. They'll get the message that you are there for them if they ever need you and that above all, you want them to be happy.

Here are five inspirational quotes for a new graduate. Slip the one that resonates with you most in your child's graduation card. Your new graduate may not realize the impact of the words right away, but when they do, they'll cherish you even more for it. If you need more inspiration, head over to our Inspirational Quotes board on Pinterest.






**All photos were sourced from unsplash.com