3 Ways For Teachers To Promote Anti-Bullying in the Classroom

Most people already know that victims of bullying exude symptoms of depression and low self-worth but according to new research, these symptoms snowball if left untreated. Because of this, child psychologists are urging that parents and teachers intervene as early as possible. Below are three ways to incorporate an anti-bullying awareness campaign in to the classroom.

1. Bullying Stinks Trash Can

Make a "Bullying Stinks" trash can poster from recycled trash. Have students write or draw examples of bullying and then tape them to the trash can.

2. Bully Prevention Bingo

Purchase the Bully Prevention Bingo game here and play with your students during free time. The set includes 16 bingo cards, 5 sets of calling cards, and bingo chips. If you are feeling crafty, try whipping up a set yourself!

3. The Power of Your Words Exercise

Have each student write down an example of a time they've been bullied on a large heart. Then, crumple the heart in front of the class. Apologize to the heart and attempt to "smooth" it back out. Finally, have students write their name on a bandaid, place it over the name they were called, and pledge to think about the impact their words have on others.


By incorporating these anti-bullying lessons into your curriculum, you might just save a child's life. If you would like to learn other ways to promote anti-bullying in schools, visit our Pinterest board "Bullying Lessons."